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Use the desktop to hang your photos.

Upload a photo, drag it to the wallpaper and save. Repeat these steps for each photo.

Create wallpaper comics.

Drag on wallpaper character or photo. Save the changes.

Select balloon category from "add vector images" page. Add balloon on wallpaper. Save the changes.

Go to "add text" page. Create text and drag it into wallpaper. Save the changes.

Uses the edges (right and bottom only!) for cropping images.

Drag on wallpaper character or photo over the right or bottom border. Save the changes.

Creates a reflection.

Drag on wallpaper character or photo and save the changes. Use checkbox "flip" for rotate the image. Drag the new image over the previous and save your changes.

Creates a shadow.

Choose an image and select Opacity = 30.
Drag the wallpaper and save.
Return the opacity to 100 and drag the image on the former leaving the slightest deviation.