Create your personalized free desktop wallpaper
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How to create your own wallpaper

To get started go to page Make your wallpaper and select a background from those available in the three categories.
Also selects the resolution of the wallpaper. By default, the system proposed the resolution of your monitor.
Next click on go next step.

In step 2 you can upload photos to place on the wallpaper. You can rotate or apply filters to images uploaded.

Drag photo into wallpaper.
To resize it: point the mouse on it, then keep the <SHIFT> key pressed as you move the mouse along the diagonal.
Save any changes at wallpaper with button .

In step 3 you can apply vector images on wallpaper. Click on an image between those located at the bottom.
The selected image appears on the right of the wallpaper, now we can drag and resize.
Save any changes at wallpaper with button .

With the same method we can apply images, text and all other elements of the subsequent steps.

When we finished we can put wallpaper in the gallery of tags linking to it.